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How do I get my Annual Waiver?
Go to the Online Store - Licenses and Waivers to execute your Annual Waiver digitally!
Is the Annual Waiver required?
No, the Annual Waiver is not a requirement for adult members. However, all event attendees are required to sign the EVENT Waiver. Those with an Annual Waiver on file for that calendar year may be exempt from signing the EVENT Waiver. The Annual Waiver - Minors is a requirement for competitors and workers in hot areas who are under the age of majority which varies by State, but is typically the age of 18.
Who is eligible to sign an Annual Waiver?
The Annual Waiver is available to SCCA Members ages 18+ or age of majority based on State of residency. Annual Waivers are good through December 31 of the current calendar year.
What is the term for the Annual Waiver and will I have to sign Event Waivers?
The Annual Release and Waiver of Liability, Assumption of Risk and Indemnity Agreement is valid through December 31 of the current calendar year. If a member has an Annual Waiver on file, they may be able to bypass signing an Event Waiver at various SCCA events across the United States. Some facilities may require an Event Waiver to be signed by all participants, regardless of Annual Waiver.
Where can I see if I have a valid Annual Waiver on file?
Annual Waivers and Minor Waivers will display in the "My Licenses" section.
How do I get a Minor Waiver?
You and your parents can digitally complete the Annual Waiver in the Online Store under Licenses & Waivers! Parents must complete the Annual Parental Consent form under their own login and the minor must complete the Annual Waiver Minor form.
Who is required to have a Minor Waiver form on file?
Minors participating must be an SCCA Member and if participating in any program within SCCA as a Driver, Worker, Crew Member or Passenger, are required to have a Minor Waiver on file at the SCCA National Office prior to participation.
Who can sign as a parent for the Minor?
This is a legally binding agreement which must be executed by the legally recognized parents or guardians of said minor. Sole Custody requires signature by sole guardian only. Joint Custody requires signature by each legal guardian. Both parental signatures do not need to be on the same document. For example, Parent A can sign before a Notary Public and Parent B can sign before an SCCA Official and combine the forms to be submitted together. Signing the Waiver as a guardian indicates that you are the legal guardian of said minor and have the authority to grant said consent. Submitting a Minor Waiver with one parent/guardian signature indicates that you are the sole custodian of said Minor. Falsifying documents is a crime and can be punishable in a court of law.
I'm bringing my kids to the event to watch, do I need a Minor Waiver on file for them?
No, Minors as spectators do not need to have a Minor Waiver Form completed. Minors who do not have a Minor Waiver on file will have restricted access at events.
Download the Event Waiver 1155 from the File Cabinet under Member Resources.
What does the Event Waiver mean and is it required?
The signing of the Release and Event Waiver is a pre-condition to participating in any SCCA event, and the signer acknowledges the potential hazards present, and by signing, waives and releases certain legal rights to sue for negligence. Members need to allowed the opportunity and time to read and understand this document before signing in front of an SCCA Official witness and entering the restricted area. The Release and Waiver provided by K&K Insurance Group, Inc. is the only acceptable form to use. It is part of the SCCA policy and must be completed properly to be of any value in a court case. The Release is a legal contract between you and any person permitted to enter the restricted area during a scheduled event. To properly complete the event waiver: 1. The first line at the top must show the type of event, location (track name) and the date of the event. 2. In the multiple line area with words “I have read this release” any and all persons permitted to enter a restricted area during a scheduled event must print and sign their own legal name. 3. The witness representing the insured must sign their name and enter their title on the bottom line.
Who has to sign an Event Waiver?
Any adult, age 18+ allowed in the “restricted area” needs to sign a waiver either an Event Waiver or have a valid Annual Waiver on file. “Restricted Area” means any area requiring special authorization, credentials or permission to enter and to which admission by the general public is restricted or prohibited.
What is a "restricted area"?
“Restricted Area” means any area requiring special authorization, credentials or permission to enter and to which admission by the general public is restricted or prohibited.
Can a minor working as a registrar witness an event waiver or an annual waiver?
No, each waiver is a legal document and minors cannot legally witness signatures on it.
Do spectators need to sign the Event Waiver?
No, spectators do not need to sign a waiver but they must remain outside of the "restricted area". SCCA has liability coverage for anyone outside the restricted area.
Do contracted workers such as tow truck drivers, ambulance personnel, etc. need to sign the event waiver?
Anyone allowed in the “restricted area” during the SCCA event needs to sign either the SCCA’s Event waiver or the track’s waiver. Best practice would be to have the event waiver signed by contracted workers, too.
Where do completed Event Waivers need to be sent after the event?
SCCA Sanction Department, 6620 SE Dwight St., Topeka, KS 66619
What is the purpose of Member Lookup?
Member Lookup is a tool available to our Event Administrators for the purposes of verifying membership and licenses for participation.
Where is Member Lookup?
Member lookup is available in the Region Resources tab for those with permissions.
Membership status:
Active = membership in goodstanding.
Inactive = member must renew membership to participate.
Expired = member must renew or join membership to participate.
What does Minor "yes" or "no" indicate?
Minor: "No" indicates the individual is OVER the age of 18 and standard waiver process applies.
Minor: "Yes" indicates the individual is under the age of 18, the typical age of majority and a Minor Waiver is required for participation.
License status:
• Status approved for participation:
• Status not approved for participation
     Inactive = License must be renewed and requirements fulfilled to participate
     Incomplete = License requirement have not been fulfilled
     Expired = License must be added and requirements fulfilled to participate
     Pending = License requires National Staff review for approval
     Probation = Participation may be allowed depending on situation, requires further review
     Suspended = Participation is not allowed until suspension is removed
Why can't I access the Member Lookup section?
Member Lookup has restricted access which is tied to specific roles within Region and Event Administration for the purpose of verifying membership and/or licenses. Only those with the appropriate permissions will be able to view "Member Lookup".
What is included in My Committees?
My Committees section is automatically populated based on the National Committees you serve on. This information is processed at the SCCA National Office. At this time, it lists all participants in the committee based on their membership status. Members who have expired will not display in this listing. Documents should be accessible for all committee members.
What is the time period for past invoices?
The current time period displays invoices since 2019.
What do the different status types mean?
A license status can be active, inactive, pending, probation or suspended. Active is current and no action required. Inactive is expired and the license needs to be renewed. Participation is NOT allowed with a license that is Inactive. Pending means the requirements must be reviewed and approved. Participation is NOT allowed with a license that is Pending. Probation or Suspended results from an incident and is usually for a predetermined time frame. Participation may be allowed for those on probation. Participation is NOT allowed with a suspended license.
Why are physical exams and waivers listed as "licenses"?
To ease the ability of members to upload documents for their licenses and the accessibility of the information for registrars via Member Lookup, we incorporated the listing of physical exams and annual waivers to the "My Licenses" section.
How do I renew my membership online?
Click the "RENEW" or "REJOIN" button at the top of "My Profile". If these buttons aren't populated, you may not be in your renewal period. The renewal period begins 90 days prior to your expiration and continues six months after your expiration date. After six months, you are eligible to rejoin and restart your membership join date.
Who has to be an SCCA member?
Any competitor or competing team at any SCCA sanctioned event. Any passenger in a competition car. Anyone who will be in a "hot"/restricted area at an SCCA sanctioned event. Either an annual or weekend membership may be acceptable.
I've lost my membership card, can I get a replacement?
To replace a lost card, please contact
How do I update my family members on my membership?
Family members can be updated by the primary member during the renewal/rejoin/new join processes. Any changes outside of that time period need to be directed to SCCA Member Services at
What does Manage Auto-Renewal mean in my membership listing?
You can enroll in our automatic renewal program at any time throughout the year. This means we will automatically charge your credit card on the 10th of your renewal month. Your autorenewal is self-managed by the member so that you can also edit throughout the year.
Why do you require my personal information such as date of birth?
SCCA has developed a system to maintain the same unique Member ID for each individual. This unique identifier means that your SCCA Member ID will always be your SCCA Member ID even if you are not a member for a few years. Requiring this personal information allows us to check against duplicate memberships in our database and means that you will never be locked out of your SCCA member account, even if you've been absent for awhile!
I have a REJOIN button, not a renew, why?
If your membership has lapsed for 0-6 months, you will have the option to RENEW which maintains your continuity of membership. If your membership has lapsed for 6+ months, you will have the option to REJOIN which resets your join date and you lose your continuity of membership. However, membership buybacks are available.
Help! I have a membership question, who can I contact?
You can contact SCCA Member Services at or 800-770-2055, we're available Monday-Friday, 8 am - 5 pm Central and we would be glad to help you!
What do I get with my full SCCA membership?
Your Full Membership is valid for one year past your join month and automatically includes an annual subscription to SportsCar Magazine (valued at $24), reduced entry fees to many events and a robust member benefit program with countless travel and retail discounts available.
I want a new photo on my SCCA membership card!
The photo displayed on your profile page can be edited, removed or replaced by YOU! This photo will print on your next SCCA membership card which is generated after the renewal or rejoin process is completed.
How do I update my mailing address?
Edit your contact information on your profile page to update your phone number, address (mailing, shipping or billing) and email address.
Can I use a picture of my car (cat, dog, superhero) as my headshot?
No, we need a photo of YOU! Think driver license photo, passport photo, selfie, etc.
What are the Upcoming Events listed on my profile page?
The Upcoming Events section is populated with events hosted by your Region of Record including links to register. If there are less than 10 events the most current events nationwide are listed.
How do I change my Region?
At the time of renewal or rejoin, you can add, edit or remove a Region from your account. SCCA Membership requires members to belong to at least one Region. Changing outside of your renewal period will require an email to
How do I change my Region of Record?
Members can change their Region of Record during the membership renewal process. Your Region of Record will default to the first region listed in your membership record. If you only have one region listed as Active, that will be your Region of Record. If you are a member of more than one region and wish to change your Region of Record, please contact Member Services at
What is the saved payment information used for?
The saved payment information will default as the preferred payment type at the time of checkout; however, you always have the opportunity to change your payment method.
Can I change my stored credit card information?
Yes! You can securely manage, edit, delete your credit cards in "My Saved Credit Cards" under "My Account".
What information does "My Transactions" provide?
This section provides a summary of your product purchases, event registrations, memberships, credits, donations, downloads and discount program coupons.
Who is eligible to vote in the National Board of Director election?
Annual members (National - Individual and National - Family) in goodstanding as of October 1 with a Region of Record in the Area election are eligible to vote. National membership must be active with an expiration date in the future on October 1 to be eligible to vote. Members are eligible to vote for an Area Director within the Area of their Region of Record.
How do I know what Area I live in?
Go to "My Profile" and "Profile Details". Under your name, see "Region of Record" which displays the region name and the Area in parentheses. Example: "Region of Record: Kansas (Area 6)"
How do I vote?
In your Member Account go to:
     Member Resources
     Surveys and Voting
     Click "View Survey"
     Cast your vote(s)
     Click "Save"
You will receive an online confirmation thank you when your votes are successfully entered.
I want a paper ballot. How do I get one?
You will need to "opt out of electronic voting" before October 1. In your account, go to:
     My Profile
     Edit My Contact Information
     Email Subscriptions - Edit Subscriptions
     Click the checkbox for "Opt out of electronic balloting"
     Click "Save"
When is the voting period open?
The voting period opens on October 15 and closes on November 15. If either of those dates falls on the weekend, the voting will open on the Friday prior to the 15th or will close on the Monday after the 15th.
What are the tiers for VIP credit?
4-5 days worked = $15 credit, 6-7 days = $22 credit, 8-11 days = $30 credit, 12+ days = $45 credit, recognition in SportsCar and a special VIP Id.
How do I record my participation as a worker for events?
Go to "My Profile" and scroll to "My VIP Days" and click the "Add VIP" button!
What type of events are eligible for VIP reporting?
The Volunteer Incentive Program is funded by SCCA Road Racing. SCCA sanctioned road racing events are eligible.
Will my VIP credits expire?
Yes, effective January 1, 2020, VIP credits will expire on your membership expiration date. Renew before you expire to receive your credits!
Where can I see my available credit?
You can view your credits in "My Transactions".
What is the term of the Weekend Membership?
A weekend membership is valid for 5 days.
Can I run any SCCA event with a weekend membership?
No, members with a weekend membership cannot compete/participate in any SCCA National Championship events. Our Championship events require an annual membership and the associated licensing.
What is a trial membership?
A trial membership is a free temporary membership for five days. The intended use for this membership is for passengers, ride-alongs and worker recruitment. It can also be used for RoadRally navigators. This does not provide participation privileges and does not provide a discount toward an annual membership.
Can we go paperless for weekend memberships?
YES! Enable membership verification and validation with your event registration partner and go paperless! Post event, review the memberships and "send" it electronically to SCCA National Office. That's it!
What is a weekend membership?
A temporary membership with participation privileges (except for SCCA Pro Racing) with a term of five days. Weekend members are not eligible to vote in regional or national elections. Weekend members receive a $15 discount towards an annual membership when they join within 60 days of the weekend membership expiration.
Where do we send weekend membership or trial membership forms?
Weekend or Trial Membership forms can be scanned and emailed to or They can also be mailed to SCCA, 6620 SE Dwight St., Topeka, KS 66619.

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